Introducing ISOGenie

ISOgenie enables ISO consultants to deliver their services in the cloud. This ground breaking new software will spell the end of paper based quality management systems. Consultants can buy existing templates or create their own for any of the 18,500 ISO standards. These templates can then be customised according to each client’s requirements. When the consultant invites their client together they maintain the standard online.

ISOgenie the Consultant’s Friend

It doesn’t matter if you work with ISO 9001, ISO 4001 or any other major ISO certification; it is our mission to help you to put a sustainable infrastructure in place for you and your clients. We want to make the process of ISO certification simpler, more relevant and practical for your clients and make things more efficient for you. ISOgenie is a tool that allows the consultant and business to work together to achieve these goals. Whether it is ISO 9000, ISO 13485, ISO 16949 or any other, we have the templates you need and the software that will make your business successful.